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Donald Rothberg: Seven Stages of the Spiritual Journey

(Spirit Rock Meditation Center) We work with the metaphor of the spiritual “journey” and distinguish seven successive stages of this journey, using as main reference points the poem by Mary Oliver called “The Journey” (read near the beginning and at the end of the talk), the life of the Buddha, the lives of several great practitioners in the Thai Forest Tradition (Ajahn Mun, Ajahn Chah, and Mae Chee Kaew), and our own lives. The stages begin with taking life for granted, move through some sense of unsatisfactoriness or inadequacy about our ordinary and habitual lives and a call for something more. They lead to some kind of departure from the ordinary and habitual, opening, typically with difficulties, challenges, and purification, to our more authentic being and awakening, at least to some degree, and returning in a way to our everyday lives. This journey can take many forms, and the stages can sometimes be successive, and sometimes all appear in a short period. After the talk, we have about 20 minutes of discussion.

Nathan Glyde: Unstuck in the Middle

(Gaia House) Finding a middle way between dukkha extremes. Includes a mention of as a way of exploring this theme in the whole of our life. Includes a guided meditation, talk, and discussion (in which only responses are recorded)

Ayya Santussika: Understanding Rigidity

(Karuna Buddhist Vihara)

Ajahn Sucitto: Embodiment and the Buddha’s teaching

(Bodhicharya Centre – Berlin) Description pending

Ajahn Sucitto: Guided Meditation – posture

(Bodhicharya Centre – Berlin)

Ayya Santacitta: Cute & Pathetic ~ Homo Sapiens in Transition

(Aloka Earth Room) Short Reflection & Guided Meditation on Metta | Wednesday-Mornings | 2

Ajahn Sucitto: How kamma can be directly sensed and released

(Sage Institute) Description pending

Ajahn Sucitto: Guided Meditation

(Sage Institute)

Brian Lesage: Facets of Connection: Being Together and Being Alone

(Flagstaff Insight Meditation Community)

Kate Johnson: not yet titled

(Spirit Rock Meditation Center)